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Insurance of transported goods (CARGO)

In accordance with the "Conditions of insurance of transported cargo", a total insurance coverage is offered to persons who carry out inland and interstate freight transport by rail, sea, river, car and aviation.

Subsidized insurance of agricultural crops.

Insurance protection is granted for all agricultural crops included in the Annual Decision of the Government of the Republic of Moldova, which establishes the list of crops and risks subject to subsidization of insurance premiums.

Construction, land and equipment insurance

The object of the insurance is the patrimonial interests of the Insured, who owns property, based on a lease contract or other titles provided by law with the forms of ownership: possession, use and disposition.

Carriers' liability to passengers

Compulsory liability insurance for carriers shall apply to the organized carriage of passengers by air, motor, rail and inland waterway transport and shall not extend to carriers carrying passengers:

• urban car transport, including taxis and electric transport;

• by suburban car transport, by ferry, as well as by river transport on the routes for walks and excursions.

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RCA - is the compulsory civil liability insurance for damages caused by motor vehicles. The RCA contract is concluded in accordance with the requirements of Law no. 414- XVI of 22.12.2006 "on the compulsory civil liability insurance for damages caused by motor vehicles".
    The driver and the owner of the means of transport are liable for any damage that may be caused to third parties as a result of the operation of the means of transport.

The price of the RCA insurance policy depends on the cylinder capacity of the engine, the age of the means of transport, the stage of the driver and other parameters (Tariffs are approved by the Government of the Republic of Moldova). The price of the insurance policy is set by the state and no discounts are allowed.

465 / 5.000

Rezultatele traducerii

Owning a car registered in the Republic of Moldova, you have the obligation to purchase MTPL insurance, even if the car is not used. According to Law 414, art. 4, all natural and legal persons who own or use vehicles subject to registration on the territory of the Republic of Moldova are obliged to conclude a MTPL insurance contract. Otherwise, drivers risk fines of between 150 and 300 lei if they do not buy an RCA policy.

The car insurance can be done at any of the insurance companies that has the right to practice the motor third party liability insurance on the Romanian territory, and in order to conclude such an insurance, you need the following documents:

1. Vehicle registration certificate
2. Owner identification data

We have all heard of this optional car insurance but few know what situations it covers and the fact that there are several types of CASCO each with specific conditions.

Purchasing this type of insurance for the vehicle is optional, not being required by law as an RCA policy. The RCA compulsory insurance policy covers damages suffered by other people following a car accident in case it was caused by our fault. CASCO policy covers damage to our vehicle as a result of an accident caused by our fault.

Insured risks The following cumulative events in risk groups are recognized as follows:
   “DAMAGES” - the material damages caused to the Insured by the damage or destruction of the vehicle and of the additional equipment as a result of:
a. colliding, hitting or colliding with another vehicle, object; passing over any static or moving objects; the fall; foreign objects falling on the vehicle; skidding; overturning; slipping;
b. fire, electric shock, explosion, torrential rain, hail, flood, hurricane, earthquake, landslide, landslide, heavy snowfall, avalanches, including their direct or indirect action;
c. illegal actions of third parties.
   “THEFT” - theft, robbery, robbery, theft of the vehicle, its components or parts; any damage caused by theft, robbery, robbery, abduction or attempted theft, robbery, robbery, theft of the vehicle, its components and parts, equipment received under insurance, as well as additional equipment and accessories if insured. according to the contract.
   “ACCIDENT” - causing bodily injury or death to the driver / passenger as a result of a car accident.

AUTO CASCO - the complete risk package, consisting of risk groups: "Damage", "Theft" and "Accident".

"Green Card" is a compulsory motor third party liability insurance recognized by many countries around the world. Crossing the border of most foreign countries by car requires the possession of a "Green Card" certificate. The countries that are members of the Green Card system shall mutually recognize insurance contracts taken out by one of the countries and shall ensure that the injured party's damages are recovered in the event of a road accident abroad.

The territory covered by the "Green Card" Insurance Certificate is divided into 3 zones:
    Zone 1: Ukraine, Belarus;
    Zone 2: Ukraine, Belarus and Russia;
    Zone 3: all member states of the Green Card system (European countries).

    Insurance period:
    The insurance contract can be concluded for a period of 15 days to 1 year.

Medical insurance is an optional insurance aimed at protecting the insured person during his stay abroad. Regardless of the purpose of the trip, whether it is a holiday, business, service or sports, the health insurance policy covers a number of situations that may arise during the trip.

In order to take out a health insurance policy, it is necessary to indicate in the form the personal code or the sending of passport pictures, all the data are confidential.

Health insurance risks vary from company to company, but the travel health insurance policy usually covers expenses related to examination and diagnosis, drug treatment, dental emergencies or premature births, including transportation to the medical institution with the ambulance.

The period of validity is indicated in the travel health insurance policy. You can take out a travel medical policy for a minimum of 5 days.

Real Estate Insurance is an optional insurance, designed to protect real estate and its contents against the risks expressly mentioned in the insurance contract.

Home insurance is not a fixed product, each contract is discussed individually and the price of the insurance premium is set depending on the risks covered, the value of the property, the insured objects (fixed assets, finishing elements, movable property, etc.). But on the Moldovan market there are two products most frequently requested by customers:
    a. Real estate insurance for mortgage credit, the beneficiary being the creditor, this type of insurance has minimal coverage and ensures the integrity of the insured object without goods and finishing materials. The insurance premium is on average from 0.05% to 0.30% of the value of the property;